Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bhob Stewart: JUNGLE JIM #22: Roughs to Finish

It's 1966 and Wally Wood has two weeks to complete an entire JUNGLE JIM comic book. There's no script, his regular assistant (Ralph Reese) is away and he's got other jobs to do too.

"His solution to the problem, I was told, began with me," recounts Bhob Stewart at his Potrzebie blog:

"I was to write three Jungle Jim stories in two days, he told me. In 15 minutes, he outlined how to do it: Draw roughs on typing paper, begin each story in the middle of an action situation, write as few captions as possible (so the pictures tell the story) and use conventional panel layouts rather than sprawling, tricky page designs."

A great story of a working writer and comic book artist under the dreaded deadline doom. Read it all here.

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