Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pulitzers Should Award "Slide Shows, Infographics, and Listicles" Instead of Editorial Cartoons

Cartoon copyright Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Matt Wuerker.

I don't know why Farhad Manjoo, a technology writer for Slate, wrote about editorial cartoons. The man admits he doesn't even look at editorial cartoons. But when Matt Wuerker won a Pulitzer, he started looking.

The "stale, simplistic" editorial cartoons, he writes,

" ... remain stuck in the static, space-constrained, caricaturist mind-set of newsprint."

Mr. Manjoo goes on to suggest

"The Pulitzer committee should honor slide shows, infographics, and listicles instead."

At the Columbia Journalism Review, Matt fires back -- with text and some cartoons. 

Farhad Manjoo thinks political cartoons are stale, stupid, and unfunny—or so he argued in Slate last week, saying that, instead of honoring cartoons, the Pulitzer committee should consider including “biting infographics, hilarious image macros, irresistible Tumblrs … clever Web comics, and even poignant listicles.”

But political cartoons are neither homogeneous nor passé. They come in every shape and medium and are found all over news sites, blogs, and social media.

The rest is here.

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