Monday, April 02, 2012

Cartoonist Photos Part 1

Above: the one and only Rube Goldberg draws his last cartoon.
NEW YORK, April 24 -- HIS CARTOONIST CAREER DRAWS TO AN END -- Rube Goldberg, 81, is shown in his New York apartment today drawing his last cartoon. Goldberg now will devote full time to being a sculptor. His last cartoon for the New York Journal American and 43 other newspapers, will end a 59-year career.

Here are some photos of cartoonists.

Is it possible, as Salieri wondered in Peter Schaefer's AMADEUS, that genius and talent appear in the countenance of a cartoonist? Well, I don't know -- but, hey, it's always interesting to see the face behind the ink.

Reg Smythe of ANDY CAPP fame. This is the card he would send out to autograph seekers.

Saul Steinberg in an undated photo:

Jules Feiffer pauses as he inks his FEIFFER strip for the Village Voice:

Robert Ripley of RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT with a really long cigarette holder (1933):

Gag cartoonist and creator of THE BETTER HALF, Bob Barnes (1961):

Here's LIL ABNER's Al Capp pontificating in 1971:

THE FAMILY CIRCUS' Bil Keane lecturing at Madonna College in 1971:

Bill Mauldin with his sketchpad in 1945:

Billy DeBeck, creator of BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH, "assisting Miss Vanderbilt" in 1941, the year before his untimely death:

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