Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Cartoonist Photos Part 2

Above: Bill Mauldin in active service, 1945

Some photos of cartoonists through the years. Part one is here.

RED AND ROVER's Brian Basset in 1984:

Carl HENRY Anderson:

Paul Conrad, 1957:

Herbert Block or HERBLOCK in 1955:

The late, great John Callahan and friend:

Editorial cartoonist and pioneering conservationist Jay "Ding" Darling, 1934:

One of the nicest fellows: Mel Casson of REDEYE fame, 1954:

James Thurber strikes a pensive pose:

The British cartoonist David Low in 1941:

Brad MARMADUKE Anderson and his own Great Dane "Maramaldee" outside his Escondido, CA home, 1991. Photo by Charles Hillinger for the LA Times:

Part one of  "Cartoonist Photos" is here.

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