Monday, April 23, 2012

GRIN AND BEAR IT by George Lichty Part 2

Above: George Lichty at his board with a package of Camels within arm's reach, 1952

Here are some more grand GRIN AND BEAR IT cartoons by George Lichty. These are from the first GRIN AND BEAR IT book of cartoons. The cartoons are copyright Field Enterprises, Inc., and the book is copyright 1954 by McGraw Hill.

Part one is here.

Some 1960s GRIN AND BEAR IT Lichty cartoons here.

The panel began in 1932, with Lichty drawing up a gag a day, and four for the Sunday funnies. Field Enterprises began distributing it nationally in 1940. King Features took up the syndication role in 1986. The topics ranged from courting and marriage, to crooked businessmen and politicians. There were no continuing characters, but the name "Otis" crops up frequently. 

The team of Ralph Dunagin and Fred Wagner have created the panel since 1974. And it's still going today.

Like a lot of you, I grew up looking at these panels. Lichty's line, while seemingly a bit out of control, it's also sure of itself. Today, I look at these panel over a half century old, and marvel at his ability to deftly give you a sense of place with those spaghetti-like lines. Lichty was a master.

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Bado said...

One of my favorite Grin & Bear It was done not long after the moon landing. One guy at a bar tells the other: -Do you think that life, as we know it, exists in other bars?