Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Leonard Maltin: Letters from Moe

With the new THREE STOOGES movie coming soon, Leonard Maltin shares some of his 1960s correspondence with Moe Howard. 

I apparently didn’t admit how young I was in my first letter because his response was addressed to “Mr. Maltin,” while his subsequent notes came to “Dear Friend Leonard,” in his impeccably neat cursive handwriting. In August of 1969 he wrote, “Just returned from an extended personal appearance tour and tackled your letter first out of a pile of about 200.” A trouper of the old school, Moe was clearly grateful to his fans and diligently responded to their mail and requests for photos. (The picture he sent had printed autographs of all three members of the team, but Moe added in ink, “To our friend Leonard.”)

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