Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Richard Thompson and CUL DE SAC

Glenn Fleishmann writes about his adoration for the CUL DE SAC comic strip (A cartoonist paints a wiggly line, with help from friends). The Boing Boing writer talks to its Reuben Award winning creator (and my pal) Richard Thompson. They chat about Parkinson's Disease, which Richard was diagnosed with in 2009, and the future of his beloved feature.

Thompson is still feeling his way around the limits of his condition, and how that will allow him to continue with his work. He seems to have an infinite amount of good will among his colleagues and syndicate, which goes a long way to sorting out his future. "You want your daily life to be unaffected as much as it can be," Thompson says. In the world of Cul de Sac, his characters still cavort with the same ease.

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