Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Drawn & Quarterly Profile

Above drawing from the D&Q Web site.

The Financial Times profiles Chris Oliveros, founder and editor-in-chief of the Drawn and Quarterly imprint.

From its beginnings in 1989:

Mr Oliveros was 23 and working as a bike courier when he borrowed C$2,000 from his father to start a magazine. He advertised in The Village Voice in New York and sent handwritten notes to artists he admired seeking contributions for an anthology he called Drawn & Quarterly.

“I was an artist and I was just interested in comics.” He has had to learn how to balance costs with design ambitions, has largely abandoned serialised comics for graphic novels and has slowly expanded to nine employees: “The core of what Drawn & Quarterly always was essentially remains the same and yet it’s interesting because a lot of companies can’t make that transition from small company with strong beliefs to this larger company that Drawn & Quarterly is now.”

The entire article, by D'arcy Doran, is here.

EDIT: These links may not work for nonsubscribers. I am a nonsubscriber and I was able to read it -- but only once. After that, I was sent to the FT home page and told I needed to subscribe (which is, the pop up assures me, free).

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