Monday, July 30, 2012

All the Cartoons From SUCCESSFUL FARMING December 1964

John Gallagher, who received the National Cartoonists Society Division Award for Gag Cartooning in 1957 and 1971, knocks this one outta the park. A great gag. From the December 1964 issue of SUCCESSFUL FARMING. Yes, you NEW YORKER snooty cartoon snobby types with your nose in the air, there was a magazine titled SUCCESSFUL FARMING. And, like so many mags of its day, the blessed publication had cartoons.

Friend of the Mike Lynch Cartoons blog Tom Sager reaches deep into his pile of musty magazines to come up with an issue of SUCCESSFUL FARMING. Here are all of the cartoons (all 3) from an issue from the December 1964 issue.

The rest of the cartoons were drawn my Larry Harris, a fellow I can find nothing about online. I've never seen his cartoons before. Perhaps he was a niche market seller. 

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Eli Stein said...

I don't know anything about Larry Harris personally, but I do know that he was all over the place in the 1950's and 1960's -- that is, you could find his cartoons in all the mags. Once again I refer you to "Sorry - No Budget" the collection of Wall Street Journal cartoons edited by Charles Preston and published in 1960. He has three cartoons in that anthology.