Monday, July 30, 2012

Overheard at Market Basket

 Sometimes I overhear things and they stick with me. So I draw them up.

I overheard this older gentlemen ranting to a captive audience (a Market Basket grocery store employee, who was busy shelving).

I listened to as much as I could. I think it's about the BATMAN movie shooting. The "take him out back and have done with it" was damn chilling.

This isn't a cartoon; more like a slice of life kinda event. I hear this kind of raging hate, fueled with wrong statistics (Canada has more gun crime), routinely.

Micron Pigma and watercolor on 110 lb. recycled drawing paper.

And, below, the raw scan of my sketchbook page:


Kurt said...

I enjoy drawing overheard cartoons. My favorite overheard moment was when a 20-something girl said to her friend at a cafe, "What do they even HAVE in France?!"

eric said...

LA Weekly used to have a column called things I overheard on the bus, it was my favorite until they stopped running it, now I have to get by with ask a mexican. I remember Market Basket, we havn't had those out here for years.

Kalinides said...

Nothing like taking hostage a poor employee who can't say anything back because Mr. Old Opinionated can complain with the manager... Old Bully

Unca Jeffy said...

beautiful stuff, Mike. I do these, too and I'm starting to believe the audience "gets them" more than you or I might think.