Friday, July 27, 2012

Remembering Dogpatch USA

Alex Flippin remembers the local "Dogpatch USA" theme park in today's Madison County Record.

A popular theme park in its day, based on the then-popular LI'L ABNER comic strip. Now, both are gone. The park has been abandoned.

What got me thinking about Dogpatch was a conversation I recently had concerning ghost towns. A subject that almost immediately made its way to a discussion about Dogpatch. I'd known that the bulk of the park still existed and very much in ghost town fashion. From what I understood, it would not be too outlandish to visit the once bustling park only to run into Scooby and the gang trying to solve a mystery. I mean, an abandoned and dilapidated theme park? That's just the proper amount of spooky to peak my curiosity.

The entire story is here. Alex is going to be blogging more about the Park as he goes to visit it. And he asks if you have any memories then to send them on to him.


Home movies of DOGPATCH USA


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