Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FAMILY WEEKLY May 29, 1960

Above: detail from a Syd Hoff-illustrated advertisement.

A short blog entry, but a there are a couple of hidden treasures ...

From Tom Sager, who is going through a stack of old, musty magazines and giving the cartoons a quick scan before tossing. He's doing this all for us here at the blog. Thanks again, Tom!

Here's Tom:

As you probably know Family Weekly was a magazine that came with the newspaper on Sunday. It only had one cartoon by Al Kaufman but it had a nice Rambler ad by Sid Hoff. The car looked like a shoe box but I wouldn't mind having one now (especially at that price).

Here's that Al Kaufman cartoon:

 Here's the Syd Hoff ad:

  Here's the Syd Hoff detail from the ad:

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