Friday, July 20, 2012

All of the Cartoons From March 1963 McCALL'S Magazine

A gag cartoon from McCALL's by my friend Don Orehek above.

Rescued from a Pennsylvania barn, here are scans of all of the cartoons from the March 1963 issue of McCALL'S Magazine.

My thanks to Tom Sager who found a whole stack of magazines that were

"... in poor shape from 50 years in a PA barn/garage (The smell of damp on them could knock you out.) They had to be disposed of, but not before saving the cartoons. I hope you enjoy them." - Tom Sager

Thanks, Tom! I sure appreciate your scanning all this in. 

Stan and Jan Berenstain:

Peter Porges:

Vahan Shirvanian:

Donald Reilly:

 Harry Mace:

Ed Dahlin:

Whitney Darrow, Jr. illustrates Art Linkletter's "A Child's Garden of Misinformation:"

And here's the one and only Rube Goldberg:

Thanks again, Tom! These are wonderful to see!


John Read said...

THANK YOU, Mike, for sharing those.

John Read said...
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