Wednesday, July 25, 2012

All of the Cartoons From August 1962 McCALL'S Magazine

Above: a cartoon by George Wolfe. Note how just the outline of the house roofline conveys the sense of place economically.

Before Tom Sager throws out the smelly old pile of magazines that have been in the barn for fifty years, he's scanning in the cartoons specifically to share here.

I'm grateful to Tom since these are magazine titles that don't necessarily come to mind when thinking about 1960s gag cartoon markets.

Let's begin with Stan and Jan Berenstain, who did "It's All in the Family," a regular series for McCall's that was reprinted in many books during the decade:

 Bob Edwin Lepper's cartoon would not be run today! (EDIT: My thanks to Joe Cord Ero for mistakenly calling Mr. Lepper "Bob.")

Ed Dahlin:

Can anyone read this fellow's signature? I don't know the cartoonist. It's John Sorensen -- thank you Eli Stein for doing the research!

Jerry Marcus pokes fun at teens in this feature I had not heard of until today titled "Our Julie:"


Eli Stein said...

I'm going to take a crack at identifying that cartoonist, Mike. He is John Sorensen (1924-1969). He has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, and two of his cartoons appear in "Sorry - No Budget", a collection of WSJ cartoons edited by Charles Preston.
He is not to be confused with Jen Sorensen, who is a currently popular female editorial/political cartoonist.

Unknown said...

Eli said: "not to be confused with Jen Sorensen".

But could the Slowpoke cartoonist be related? Granddaughter? Grandniece?