Monday, July 02, 2012

The Garden As of July 1, 2012

Here are some photos of the vegetable garden and the perennial flower garden as of the first of the month.

That's the driveway in the foreground, the raised veg bed in the middleground and my neighbor's impressive stack of wood in the background to the left.

Above: 4 different kinds of winter squash and sweet potato sprouts. This is the first year we've grown sweet potatoes. They had to be ordered online and they came in a box in the mail. 10 out of twelve sprouts made it OK, despite some cool and wet weather when they were first planted.

Hard to believe that this time last year, this same bed was crazy with strawberry plants. Absolutely no sign of them. A thorough weeding by Mom (Thanks, Mom!!) did the job! We added more dirt and grew winter rye in the box to refresh the soil. We did that for all of the boxes this year.

 Yellow squash is already producing. Green pepper plants are in the back and, to the right, a couple more sweet potatoes.

Tomatoes are the heart of the garden and here are 8 of the bushiest tomatoes I've ever seen for this early in the season. To the right, a row of kale, which is coming along.

English cucumbers blooming away (no cucumbers as yet) under a homemade trellis. In the box behind them there is lettuce and spinach, which was planted over a month ago is starting to go to seed.

Dexter the cat looks over the flower garden.


The Garden As of June 1, 2012
The Garden As of Mid-June 2012

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