Monday, July 30, 2012

Tom Armstrong: 30 Years of MARVIN

Above: Tom Armstrong at work on a MARVIN Sunday page. Photo by Richard Dymond for the Bradenton Herald.

Tom Armstrong reflects on his career in this profile written by Richard Dymond. All this week, to honor MARVIN's 30th anniversary, the baby Marvin will meet the 30 year old Marvin.

"I decided to show Marvin at 30 because people continually ask me if Marvin is ever going to grow up," Armstrong said with a smile. "So, I wanted to do it just for awhile. I think he looks pretty handsome. But after the series he will go back to being age two."

On cartooning:

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"There are only 200 people in the world who make a living producing syndicated daily cartoon strips. What's really unbelievable to me is that I am one of those 200, am doing what I love and it's paying the bills."

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Max West said...

Thanks for sharing, Mr. Lynch.

I'm a big fan of Tom Armstrong and his creation, Marvin. I actually own two original strips by him!