Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Winsor McCay Day

Above: the Winsor McCay historical marker was dedicated back in June 2009. I think that's Mark Miller, chairman of the Spring Lake Historic Conservation Commission and the Winsor McCay Committee.

Today is the annual Winsor McCay Day in Spring Lake, Michigan.

This is such a nice thing. I mean, McCay died in 1935 -- and still, the town honors the man who spent his first 18 years there. 

One thing I learned today, when reading Kevin Collier's article in the local Grand Haven Tribune, is that there is no birth date for Mr. McCay. 

Although his parents lived in Spring Lake, they traveled to Canada to be with family for the birth. The records were probably lost in a fire.

It has been suggested that McCay, himself, may not have known when he was born. 
“Not even Mr. McCay knew his exact age,” the New York Herald Tribune stated in the artist's obituary. 
While historians can agree McCay was not born in Spring Lake, but rather Canada, what month, day and year of his birth continues to remain a mystery.

The rest is here.

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