Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WILLIE LUMPKIN by Stan Lee and Dan DeCarlo

Over at my friend Ger Apeldoorn's invaluable Fabuleous Fifties blog, there is a terrific sampling of the short lived (1959-61) newspaper comic strip WILLIE LUMPKIN by Stan Lee and the one and only Dan DeCarlo.

Feast your eyes on this little gem of cartoony goodness -- which I had never heard of till now! I didn't know that Stan Lee ever HAD a syndicated strip! And Dan DeCarlo, of Archie fame -- who knew about this? Thanks, Ger!

Of course, all of us Marvel Comics nerds know that the name and profession of Willie Lumpkin was kept alive through occasional appearances in the FANTASTIC FOUR comic book.

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Ger Apeldoorn said...

You might also like to see the article by D.D. Clegg (I think) in the one issue of Hogan's Alley I haven't got... about Stan an' Dan's 1951/52 half year run on the My Friend Irma newspaper strip. I think it was #16 or 17.