Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Video: STYX Cartoons

Here's a short video of cartoons by STYX, a British cartoonist. These are from the STYX BUMPER FUN BOOK. STYX was the pseudonym of Leslie Harding, a very popular cartoonist, during the 1940s and 50s. Harding worked for the Daily Mirror, and also produced cartoons under the name of Wimsey -- as well as his actual, real name. He was a prolific and busy professional.

Young Reg Smythe, who later created ANDY CAPP, idolized him. They were both selling cartoons through The Gilbert Agency, and Smythe made a point of figuring out when Mr. Harding dropped round with his batch of cartoons. Smythe made sure he was dropping off at the same time. Introductions were made, and before too long, Harding and Smythe were having a pint together in the local pub.

As Paul Slade writes in his extensive bio of Reg Smythe:
Harding saw something in Smythe and took the trouble to critique a batch of his cartoons, adding notes on the back with suggested improvements or a word of encouragement when he thought the drawing was particularly good. “It was very, very kind of him to take the time to do this when he was himself very busy,” Smythe says. “I was very grateful, took notice of his comments, and put the cartoons right as best I could.”
Here are some STYX cartoons from Youtube poster Mrbeerale:

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