Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sketching the Convention

Here are a few sketches I made during downtime at the Maine Comics Arts Festival. I drew these in my sketchbook last month and promptly forgot about them!

The woman across from me had a sign that let people know she would draw anything for $5. Brave soul.

The Maine Comics Arts Festival is very family friendly. Many groups of kids come along, like this pregnant mother who was carrying a kid.

It only took 90 minutes into the show until the first kid read all of my 72 page book MURRAY THE BIRD while standing there. He didn't buy it. I bet he regrets it!!! Ha ha ha!!! (DO NOT make the same mistake, dear reader. Order your copy at the link today.)

Below is the typical seller, and, now that I think of it, a typical buyer. And I should know since I look like this too. I'm sure there's a tattoo in there as well.

My pal John Klossner put this up at our table:

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