Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Things I Learned at the Reubens

A few thoughts post-Reuben Awards weekend ....

Carpe Diem

I saw the cartoonist Jeff Smith twice this month: once at the Maine Comics Arts Festival, where he was a featured guest, and again at the 2013 Reubens weekend.

I thought: Oh, I need to say hello. I like his work. I'll have to find him later on.

Later on never came. I missed saying hello because I did not see him again. Twice this happened. I did not seize the moment. Don't make the same mistake.

Crummy Rerun

So, I'm telling this cartoonist colleague this fascinating true story, and he interrupts, with his hand up to my face. He tells me, "Mike, I already read that on your blog."

We the Cartoonists

I still believe that the National Cartoonists Society is full of great professionals and can be whatever it wants to be in the 21st century.

Pittsburgh is the Best

The reception that we got in Pittsburgh was so enthusiastic. Kudos to the city, and to the Toonseum's Joe Wos for such a grand time.

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Trade Loeffler said...

Hope you're doing good, Mike.

Sounds like a good time at the Reubens. I love the story of you repeating yourself from your blog. Get some new material, will you?