Monday, June 03, 2013

The Garden As of June 1, 2013

This weekend was the "get-the-garden-up-and-running" weekend. That's the goal, despite record temps in the 90s.

Here is:

  • the garden beds before plants,
  • the perennial garden,
  • the ladyslipper flowers in the woods,
  • and the beds after the plants have been planted, weedcloth and hay put down.

Above are the garden beds, sans actual plants, as of June 1st. To the left is the bucket of tools and two bags of weed cloth. To the right: the garden bench (Stacy made) with some tomatoes and pepper plants.

The perennial flower garden by the house is getting big and bushy. Here are a few pics:

Some of the plants in oddball pots decorate the exterior windows.

And then there are these rare flowers in the woods:

These are rare ladyslippers.  They are so delicate that you cannot touch them and I think it's a crime to even try to move them.

There are a couple dozen in the woods. More every year.

And let's go back to the garden beds. Everything is planted now.

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