Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Video: Corey Wittig's PUBLIC NOTICES by Eric Lidji

Here's a 13 minute film made by Corey Wittig about Pittsburgh writer/cartoonist Eric Lidji, who draws a panel titled PUBLIC NOTICES for the City Paper.

Cartooning is such a singular thing to do. It's just the cartoonist and a piece of paper. The end result should be unique, and that's the takeaway with Mr. Lidjil's observational riffs on inconspicuous moments of every day life in Pittsburgh. I wish every cartoonist would have a short film made by Corey Wittig about them.

You can see it on YouTube (no embeddable link) here.

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loveandsqualor said...

Hey, Mike! I really appreciate the post. I'm just glad to spread the word about Eric.