Thursday, June 13, 2013

JANE by Norman Pett

Cartooning will break your heart," is what Charles Schulz said. And one of the heartbreaking things is that many, many long running comic strips are forgotten.

Case in point, the British comic strip JANE, which appeared in the Daily Mirror from 1932 to 1959. That's a long time. And the cartoonist, Norman Pett, had such a terrific style it deserved to be recalled.

But John Adcock does not forget. He showcases some 1938 JANE dailies at Yesterday's Papers. 

You can see just how finely Mr. Pett trods the line between illustration and cartoon. His ink lines are expressive and vibrant. You'll see that JANE by Norman Pett deserves to be remembered.

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Len said...

Actually, Jane did make a bit of a comeback in the early 1980's- the BBC ran an odd little series combining live action and illustration based on the character- hopefully this link will work: