Friday, March 09, 2007

Drawn to Success # 22 by Guy Gilchrist

Cartoonist Guy Gilchrist not only draws comic strips (NANCY, THE MUPPETS, MUDPIE, WHEN ANGELS SPEAK), he's also the namesake behind the Guy Gilchrist's Cartoonist's Academy in Simsbury, CT. The GGCA not only has continuing cartooning classes, but Guy will be taking on full-time interns soon. If you stick around on the GGCA main page, you can watch some video of Guy drawing.

Anyway, the reason I'm writing is to point out his writing: Guy's column titled Drawn to Success. He tells me that every time he's at a convention, fans ask if there will be a book collection of the column. Each column talks about different aspects of cartooning.

Take a look at DtS #22 titled "Giving That Little Extra." It's about what to do when you really, really, really want a cartooning gig ... and you've done all you can to get it. What can you do to get the editor's attention?

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