Friday, March 16, 2007

"Robbie Rist is by far one of the most talented human beings on planet Earth. I've been a fan for years."

If you watched TV in the 1970s, or, for that matter, watch reruns today, then you know the face of child actor Robbie Rist (far left). Rist was a popular actor, appearing in The Brady Bunch, The Bionic Woman, Mary Tyler Moore, CHiPS, Galactica 1980 and others. He was cute, perky and credited with ruining TV shows. For instance, he appeared on the final handful of episodes of Galactica 1980 and The Brady Bunch, cementing his rep as a cute kid who caused a television program to "jump the shark; to die.

"'The most reviled character on television,' is how he describes his series-killing run. 'I'm one of the poster children for I've never talked to the guy. Maybe I should and thank him for the career boost.'"

I chanced upon this Washington Post 2006 entry "Catching Up with Robbie Rist" by Liz Kelly, and I had a sadistic urge to share it with anyone, someone. The good thing is that Robbie is making a living with his music. May Jonathan Lipnicki be so lucky.

Headline above is an actual comment from the article.

Sometimes the Internet is a scary place.

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Mark Anderson said...

Oh my God, he needs to be in some trading card set...