Sunday, March 04, 2007

To Mary Worth, with Love

A lovely salute by Barry Alfonso to the endurance of Mary Worth from today's Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

"In this era of quick spurts of hype and flash, when an 'interactive Web-based serial' like 'lonelygirl15' can become the Flavor of the Nanosecond, Mary Worth stands apart as a true exotic. More than anything, it impresses by just continuing to continue."

My friend, artist Joe Giella, on drawing the King Features strip:

"It was hard for me to get used to doing this strip," he continues. "I'd been drawing super-heroes for a long time, and I don't think anyone has thrown a punch in Mary Worth in 30 years. I said, 'There's nothing going on here.' But now I'm into it."

Additional goodies:

Salute by local resident Bob Braughler, who blogs about her. Love this passage:

"Human despair is to Mary Worth what giant artery-busting sandwiches are to Dagwood Bumstead, or beating the snot out of a bad guy is to Spider-man. It's what gives meaning to their pathetic little lives."

Meet the cast of Mary Worth

Q&A with Writer Karen Moy

Hat tip to my Dad! Thanks, Dad!

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