Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hank Ketcham at Today's Inspiration

Leif Peng, the pro illustrator (and heckuva nice guy) behind the Today's Inspiration blog, showcases the work of Hank Ketcham. Leif's blog is consistently in my personal top 5 blogs.

Noel Sickles to a young Hank Ketcham:

"Looks as though you're scared of that pen." he chuckled. "You seem a bit tentative, afraid you might hurt it."

The last week of Feb/first couple days of March is the "Art of the Inked Line" week at Today's Inspiration. Some terrific reading. Thanks Leif!

Hat tip to Journalista, which is where I first read about it because I hadn't been to TI in over a week. Stupid me.

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Mark Anderson said...

Oh man, that's got me drooling for the new Ketcham gag cartoon collection coming out...