Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Murray the Bird: Week One

Murray the Bird was a comic strip proposal I drew up 7 years ago.

I liked it. It was a fun strip to write. I remember drawing it after leaving my "real" job at Deloitte to become a cartoonist. It was, essentially, a rant strip.

Some of my favorite British TV shows (AB FAB, FAWLTY TOWERS) are, essentially, rants. And after working in the business world, it was nice to get a little hostility off my chest as I nervously began what I wanted to be a new part of my life.

Above: the first week of the 6 weeks' worth of strips.

Without my knowledge, a colleague who was in possession of a copy of this work, showed these strips to some elementary school kids just last month. The kids, he told me, wanted to read each and every panel. And they loved Murray.

I always liked Murray too. And so, here he is, again, for the first time on this blog.

  • Murray the Bird week one here.
  • Murray the Bird week two here.
  • Murray the Bird week three here.
  • Murray the Bird week four here.
  • Murray the Bird week five here.
  • Murray the Bird week six here.

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