Tuesday, March 13, 2007

MIke Lynch Cartoon in March 2007 Spectator Again

The Spectator magazine, a London-based weekly, has published a rather odd, rude cartoon of mine this week. See below.

Not that there's anything wrong with odd and rude.

So, here we are, looking at this fellow casually downloading DEBBIE DOES DUBUQUE, right there, in front of his spouse . This all is just so rude -- and wrong.

Especially with her casual attitude.

Look at her. The woman looks annoyed, not shocked, not surprised. And she's the one equating Internet porn addiction with shoe-buying addiction. Maybe that's why the cartoon was rejected so many times; maybe it was too strong a metaphor for the fashionistas out there. Maybe magazines with shoe ads were afraid of it.

The cartoon did not sell in the States (rejected by 13 markets), but those randy Brits knew a funny one when they saw it.


Mark Anderson said...

I love cartoons involving porn that don't actually show the naughty bits. I don't know why, but porn is really funny.

Great cartoon!

Royston Robertson said...

I feel a glow of pride for my fellow randy countrymen ;-)

Tony said...

It's not rude..