Thursday, March 15, 2007

RAI at NY Comicon

Just a tiny little fluff piece from Italy about the recent NY Comicon.

The RAI International news magazine ZOOM visited the Comicon. There's video on this page (which may disappear soon when next week's edition of ZOOM appears). This segment, which aired March 11, 2007, is about 15:44 minutes in (switch to Real Player mode and you can toggle it to that minute mark), and lasts about 5 minutes. The report is in Italian, no subtitles.

The reporter, whose name is, I think, Olga Cortese talks about Tintin's 100th birthday; there's a shot of my friend Irwin Hasen; a Star Wars stormtrooper is interviewed; there's an interview with David Wohl who talks about comics' "visceral thrills;" Stan Lee is credited as creator of the Fantastic Four and other properties; "other Italians who work for Stan Lee" are interviewed (although pretty much all of them describe themselves as freelancers). One artist (maybe it was Lucio Parrillo) talked about how American comics readers, unlike the Italians, are interested in new styles, new ways to tell stories. That was nice.

If you're lucky to get ZOOM on TV here in America, it airs with subtitles. In NYC you can find it on CUNY TV.

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