Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Murray the Bird: Week Two

And here's the second week of this comic strip about an angry bird.

Looking at this work from 2000, I see that it's starting to get a little more loose and I'm spotting a few blacks here and there, making it more interesting to look at. This is the first week with continuity, and I always wondered if people would really be interested in following a long story rather than the gag a day format. Regardless, it was a fun week to write.

The drawing of Murray in the first panel of the last strip looks particularly pathetic. But, in my opinion, the character design is a bit too simple; Murray is looking less like a bird and more like some odd, made-up creature.

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stacy said...
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stacy said...

I'd forgotten how good Murray was! BRING BACK MURRAY! BRING BACK MURRAY!
Yer Wife
P.S. Had to sign up for a stoopid blog in order to post this. My un-used blog is called "stacy-blahg".