Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All Things Bionic

OK, I haven't seen the new BIONIC WOMAN show, but it'll be better than those Lindsay Wagner mattress ads, you bet. After all, it's produced by one of those guys who did the new BATTLESTAR show (David Eick) and the villainess is gonna be Katee "Starbuck" Sackhoff.

Above: Any excuse to run a photo of Katee Sackhoff, now a smokin' adversary to THE NEW BIONIC WOMAN. I'm hoping her lungs are bionic so she doesn't have to worry about cancer.

I went to the NBC site that promises that the "most anticipated" show will either appear tonight, Wednesday, September 26, according to the video preview, or, as it says twice on the page, on Wednesday, September 25. Screen capture of that NBC site above. Typos, goofs -- I see 'em a lot more. Today's lesson: "Most anticipated," at NBC, does not mean "most copy edited," OK? OK!

Regardless, if you miss it tonight regardless of what the date is, you can download the premiere tomorrow over at Amazon Unbox for a couple of bucks. "Unbox" is the trade name for its viewing on your computer service. Any truth to the secret malicious spyware stuff that I hear about this service? Anyone got anything to hide? FISA Act? Hello? Anyone? Wanna go thru my underwear drawer? Well, Katee can, if she drops by. But, smoke outside, babe.

Tenuously related: Bill Haverchuck dresses as the Bionic Woman for Halloween in this FREAKS AND GEEKS clip.


Lindsay said...

I can only hope that I live up to the glory of my namesake and find the mattress that's right for me. And also I can jump on the bed with a glass of wine on it. Hope you're well Mike!

Mike Lynch said...

I still haven't seen the new BIONIC WOMAN, although (as of today), you can see a full episode over at the NBC site at:

And, Lindsay, post some photos on the Web of you jumping on your bed with a glass of Cabernet, and you'd get more hits than the good ol' Mike Lynch Cartoons Blog! Ha ha ha! Cheers!!!!!