Tuesday, September 11, 2007


My cartoonist pal Rod McKie knows a lot about manga and he wants to share -- and so he has begun his new Imanga blog site.

Booksteve's Library remembers Snoopy and the Red Baron -- and the singing group The Royal Guardsman with their 1960s pop tie-in song of the same name. There's also a page of jokes from a Gold Key comic book of the same era.

Another fondly remembered bit of pop culture from the late 1960s - early 70s: the short-lived TV series THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER, which begat, among other things, a Dell comic book series. The I'm Learning to Share blog cites co-star (and Academy Award winner) Miyoshi Umeki's recent passing, and shares some audio from her 1959 Mercury record titled "Miyoshi." (What else?)

And don't miss this killer EDDIE'S FATHER site. If ever there was a time for this series to come out on DVD (with the now heavily tattooed, grown up rock-n-roll guy Brandon "Eddie" Cruz providing commentary), it's now.

Same blog, another linky: a gallery of Pogo paperback covers.

Golden Age Comic Book Stories has a lush series of Lou Fine's art from a Black Condor comic book story in two parts: part one and part two. Make time to poke around the site for more treasures.

From one of my fave blogs, Johnny C.'s Hole in the Head blog, comes another issue of Women's Household magazine. This one, from August 1974, highlights quiet suburban horrors such as obscene photos of tuna shortcake.

There is another link to Words of Wisdom by Orson Welles, but the audio device is not working for me, dag nab it.

Above: IDW Comics "variant" cover to its second issue of STAR TREK YEAR FOUR. To quote Mike Sterling from his Progressive Ruin blog:

This is the "retailer incentive" variant cover for Star Trek Year Four #2, but IDW really missed a bet not making that the regular cover.

Also, looking at that makes you realize, in regards to the forthcoming Star Trek film "reboot" -- it's a fool's game to recast Kirk. I mean, how do you top perfection?

You go, Steve!
And, finally, another TREK link: Edward Gorey's adaptation of The Trouble With Tribbles episode (as if you don't all ready know about it). This was discovered by Shaenon K. Garrity and went viral last week. Hat tip to Mark Anderson who let me know about it.


Mark Anderson said...

Cool... link... over... load... *gasp!*

Mar... SUP... i... al! GACK!

Jack Ruttan said...

"Going Viral," - I hope that's not what they're going to call it when something catches on. Of course, this is the same crowd that gave us "blog" and "word processor."

Excuse me, I've got to look at more LOLcats.