Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Starship Exeter Episode

Well, not a new episode per se. STARSHIP EXETER, a fan-made STAR TREK film project, has completed and released Act 3 of its episode "The Tressaurian Intersection."

It's been something like 18 months between Acts 2 and 3, and that is one helluva big commercial break. EXETER, like other TREK fan-films on the Web, is created by fans in their time after their real jobs, and given away for free viewing right here, on your computer screen.

Like a lot of these fans-turned-moviemakers, the EXETER team buys costumes and builds sets and writes scripts, all in their spare time. This explains the delays until some new material is ready. And they do poke fun at themselves for these terribly long waits.

These are fun and interesting, but a lot of their appeal is to the all ready large TREK fan base. If you've never seen any of these, try out the teaser/titles of "The Tressaurian Intersection" at STARSHIP EXETER's Movies page for a sample of the production values. It's my favorite couple of minutes of TREK fanfilms.

The one-stop-shopping place to find out all about all of these TREK fan films (some based on TOS, some on TNG, VOYAGER, etc.) is at the Star Trek Fan Films Web site.

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