Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cartoonist Photos from the San Fran Examiner 1930-48

For sale via eBay, a vintage collection of photos from the San Francisco Examiner. A link to the seller here. I do not know the seller and am not a part of the auction. But I did want to share some of the photographs and the descrips. There are more at the above link.

1948 vintage photo (10" x 8") of cartoonist George McManus who draws "Bringing Up Father". He is dressed as Jiggs.

1930 vintage photo (10" x 8") of cartoonist James Swinnerton looking at his portrait by Peter Ilyan. Actually the photo is glued onto a background (right top) and all on cardboard. He is President of the Bohemian Club where the painting is displayed. In 1892 he became a staff cartoonist for Hearst's San Francisco Examiner. Produced a weekly cartoon The Little Bears. Some critics have called the bears series the first comic strip, preceding The Yellow Kid by three years. He then did Mr. Jack and the long lasting Little Jimmy.

1947 vintage original photo (7.5" x 9.5") of cartoonist Milt Caniff who draws Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon comic strips. Carol Ohmart is the model for the character Copper Calhoon.

Another link via today's Journalista!

The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive presents two Coronet Magazine articles on legendary adventure-serial cartoonist Milton Caniff — one of them written by Caniff himself.

Above: a comparison I made of model/actress Carol Ohmart and Caniff's Copper Calhoon. Looks like Milt hired the right model!

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richardcthompson said...

Wow. And hully chee. How many cartoonists today draw from glamorous models, or dress like their creations? Or have a line of hats on the top of their bookshelves? Or are president of the Bohemian Club? Not enough, I'd say.