Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mike Lynch Cartoon in September 2007 Harvard Business Review

"Oh, vowels are so 2006!"

An office trends cartoon (or, if you're texting, an "offc trnds crtn by mk lnch") cartoon appears in this month's HBR, a very high paying and difficult market to get into. Nice to be in this issue with my colleagues P.C. Vey and John Caldwell. (No disrespect to Mssrs. Zasadny and Schochet -- I just haven't met them as yet.)

John and P.C. are appear everywhere (New Yorker, Mad Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and so on). I always think it's a good thing to be seen in the company of these two widely published pros.

Hat tip to Pletch, who saw this first and let me know. Thanks, Pletch!


Rod McKie said...

You had 2 in the September issue, I thought. You millionaire you.

Mark Anderson said...

Damn you and your overwhelming cleverness!