Monday, September 24, 2007

Saturday Evening Post, November 14, 1953: Part One

Here are 10 cartoons from a 54 year old issue of the Saturday Evening Post.

Cartoonist Roy Fox shows us that lusting after women was a funny topic to be mined for gags back in the unenlightened 1950s.
Harry Mace carried on in the same theme. Mace created the syndicated cartoon panel "Amy" in 1962, which Jack Tippitt took over. There's a photo from the SEP cartoon look day at the Eli Stein blog here.

Stan Hunt was a New Yorker regular. He just passed away last year. I love that unfinished lamp just floating in the background!

MARMADUKE creator Brad Anderson struts his vervey brush style in the above cartoon that still works. This was just about a year before his United Features' syndicated panel about the big dog debuted.

When MARMADUKE turned 50 years old, fellow cartoonists attending the Reubens that year got a nice pen in their good bags with the notation on the side: "MARMADUKE - 50 Years of Woofs!" A 2004 interview with Mr. Anderson is here.

Peter Porges, a guy who is still alive and well and living in NYC, contributed the above wordless cartoon. His work appeared in a lot of mags, including Mad & The New Yorker. He no longer draws cartoons, he told me. But he did come out of retirement to contribute a drawing on the cartoon mural wall of the Overlook.

Ted Key, who currently lives in Pennsylvania, not only created HAZEL -- but he also created the PEABODY AND SHERMAN series of cartoons for the Jay Ward BULLWINKLE show, and wrote screenplays for Disney. I've asked around, but no one I know has seen Mr. Key in years.
Sometimes a one word gag line nails the cartoon so well, as Herb Green shows here. Mr. Green was a frequent contributor to a lot of the major mags, and rarely appears on any other Web site so says Google. But I do see his name in a lot of cartoon collections.

Boris Drucker does the art above. In his day, Drucker was in all the big markets. Syracuse University had a major exhibition of his work in 2005. He was one of the six Jewish WW II soldiers featured in the recent documentary FROM PHILADELPHIA TO THE FRONT.

Hmm. What is that woman doing? Anyway, the cartoonist, Joe Zeis, has a great tribute site here. Text is in ... um ... er ... I think it's in Dutch.

Tom Henderson finishes up today's round up. He's in the Top 100 US Cartoons and Comics, he was a mentioned as a favorite of Paul Gimabarba's in a Cartoon Fiend interview (Hi Paul!), and there are a few at this Dutch cartoon site (the same one with the Zeis cartoons).

More cartoons from this issue here.

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Thanks so much for doing this! I love the art of single panel cartoons.