Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Roy Doty's 85th Birthday Party

Courtesy of Craig Boldman comes word on this past weekend's surprise 85th birthday party for Roy Doty, held in Dublin, Ohio on Sunday, September 9, 2007.

Photos and descrips. here, at the Great Lakes NCS Web site.

The Today's Inspiration blog site, run by the inestimable Leif Peng, held a weeklong forum on all things Doty:

9/4 Roy Doty Draws a Crowd

9/5 Roy Doty's Coronet Page Toppers

9/6 Roy Doty: Crowd Control

9/7 Happy Birthday Roy Doty!

Some incredible illustration work there!

Leif's blog was picked up by the highly trafficked Boing Boing site. I hope that darn Boing Boing didn't ruin a perfectly great surprise for Roy!


Paul Giambarba said...

Happy Birthday and many happy returns to a giant among cartoonists with an impeccable line and great wit. You certainly must know how much you have inspired imitators, none of whom could even come close. I recall art directors in Boston asking us in the early 1950s to come up with your technique. Bless you for the inspiration you have been to all of us and stay well. All the very best, Roy.

Jack Ruttan said...

Roy Doty rocks. I loved his how-to cartoons in "Popular Science" when I was growing up in the '70s.