Monday, September 17, 2007

Roy Delgado's Memories and California Trip

From left: Suzanne Lemieux Wilson, cartoonist Marty Murphy, Playboy Cartoon Editor Michelle Urry and cartoonist Rowland B. Wilson from Westport, CT, circa 1981.

Cartoonist Roy Delgado shares some memories of cartoonist Rowland B. Wilson, as well as a recent photo (and related remembrances) of Jim Whiting, George Gladir, Suzanne Lemieux Wilson and Bob Weber from Roy's trip out west.

Thanks for sharing these, Roy -- and I love the factoid about Sam Cobean.

By the way, as Roy points out, veteran cartoonist Jim Whiting has written a memoir titled Analecta: Selected Reflections of a Cartoonist's Life. More here.


Chooch said...

Mike: My husband Tom found this blog and I was quite surprised to see my Uncle Marty in the picture! We just got back from visiting him in LA and he is still sharp as a tack. What a joy for you to post this picture! Thanks!! Judy

Mike Lynch said...

Hi Judy! Thanks for your kind comment -- and better yet to hear that Marty is doing well. I still see his great full page color cartoons in Playboy!

Chooch said...

Yep He still has the primo spot most months right after the centerfold. I had the great fun of seeing a lot of his toons that did not go in and the next time we visit we will be organizing all those loose cartoons. Who knows may be there will be a book of them out someday!

Mike Lynch said...

That sounds like a great idea, Judy! And if a publisher isn't keen on a Murphy cartoon collection, then there are self-service publishers like

If this happens (and I hope it does), just drop me an email so I can publicize it on the Mike Lynch Cartoons blog!