Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Linky Round Up

Lots of great stuff today from, well, other people's blogs and sites:

From the ASIFA blog comes a great series of scans of BLONDIE strips, along with excerpts from the book COMICS AND THEIR CREATORS (1942). Every time on I look at ASIFA, I wind up spending a lot of time there.

Please explain the above Peter Arno cartoon to Jeff over at It's from PETER ARNO'S MAN IN THE SHOWER collection. I'm lost on the context as well.

Current PRINCE VALIANT illustrator Gary Gianni is interviewed over at Comic Book Resources.

Don't give away your creations to corporations. Case in point: the latest on the ongoing Siegel estate's legal claim on SUPERBOY.

Above cover of The Man giving it to the Laddy of Steel (from SUPERBOY #55) taken from The Comic Treadmill site.

Syndicated cartoonist Sandra Lundy continues toward her goal of running 5 miles upon her 50th birthday this spring. Go Sandra!

Above photo of Mr. Schulz from a Sonoma area article from 1999 titled LAST LAUGH.

And let's not forget that the PBS Show American Masters will spotlight Charles Schulz next month! PBS press release here. The October issue of VANITY FAIR has an excerpt from the forthcoming doorstop-sized Schulz bio by David Michaelis. Alas, no link to article on line for free. Must go to large chain bookstore and sprawl out on floor with overpriced coffee drink and read the real, physical mag.

Big hat tips all around to Journalista!, Comics Reporter, Collected Comics Library, the Between Friends Blog and Editor & Publisher!


Kevin Joyce said...

That Arno cartoon. I believe it is a mild jape based on the customary form of address used in the armed forces, in speaking to officers. That standard form is: Rank Surname, Sir; in the case of this cartoon: Colonel Bagley, Sir. This is melded with the customary Southern salutation, pronounced: Suh.

I suspect this was funnier when the two modes of address, that of the Southern servant and that of the World War II era serviceman, were more familiar to the average reader.

Johnny C said...

That Superboy comic cover is very disturbing... VERY! I like it!

Trade Loeffler said...

Thanks for the heads up on the American Masters program on C. Schulz. I wasn't aware of that. That's going to be great!

Mike Lynch said...

Kevin, I think you're right. The serviceman has sergeant's stripes (hat tip to dear ol' Dad for that. Thanks, Dad!), and he's being addressed as "colonel," the standard Southern greeting (at least in the old antebellum days) to the Lord of the Manor from the servant. Add the superfluous "suh" and I think we've parsed the damn thing successfully!

Johnny C., my friend (whose blog in on my personal Lynch List of Top Five Blogs), if you went to the linky by that cover, then you would see that DC re-used that cover concept years later! Creepier still, eh?

Trade, the Schulz PBS documentary will, I hope, be good. I wish they would do more documentaries on more cartoonists while those cartoonists are still around!