Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Corey Pandolph Consolidates His 4 Strips

Editor & Publisher reports that Corey Pandolph, who lives just the next state over from me, is going to take the 4 comic strips a day and put them all up at

The 4 comic strips are:
Corey explains in his "Things Are About to Change" entry at his Fake Rockstar blog:

"I’ve had enough.

"Enough of maintaining four websites, uploading comics to six different places and selling next to nothing. My first inclination was to end everything but the Elderberries and consider myself lucky to still have a cartooning job.

"Fortunately, cooler heads have prevailed. There will be cuts, but not to any strips. We’re scaling back and getting rid of inventory… and some websites."

The solution (he explains in his "Big Moving Day" entry ) "... will greatly reduce my workload, as I will no longer have to maintain the individual sites, blogs and updates. I’ll have one place to upload the strips and you’ll have one place you can read them. Win/win!"

I wish him much good fortune. May the road rise to meet you, my friend!

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Fake Rockstar said...

Thanks Mike! You'll always have a place to stay when you get back to NYC!