Thursday, August 06, 2009

Video: German Cartoonist Flix

From Deutsche Welle TV, here is a video of cartoonist Flix (Felix Görmann), who is drawing a "personal portrait" graphic novel about the Berlin Wall and the divided Germany. FLIX studied at the School of Visual Arts in Saarbrücken Saar and the Escola Massana in Barcelona. In addition to his regular newspaper series "Verflix," he is also know for several graphic novels published by Carlsen, including "Sag Was" (SAY SOMETHING), "a love story semi-autobiographical, about the beginning and end of a great love" and “Mädchen.”

The video is in German. There are some interesting shots of Flix drawing and inking, and stay in there for the entire 4 plus minutes to see more of his clear line style. There is also a simply animated sequence. This makes me wish I could see more of his work here (and understand more German than I do).

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