Thursday, August 27, 2009

Preiss and Steranko: THE BLOCK

Via Golden Age Comic Book Stories, here is THE BLOCK, created by 2 comics visionaries: written by the late Byron Preiss and illustrated by the one and only Steranko. This 1971 short story, about 2 friends growing up in a NYC ghetto, showcases the medium and, particularly, the great illustrative power of Jim Steranko. It's copyright 1971 by Supergraphics, Steranko's publishing outfit. Supergraphics is probably best known for the Comixscene (later renamed Mediascene) magazines. The 8-page fable was originally published in Comixscene #4, May-June 1973.

Big hat tip to Journalista!

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Gerry said...

Wow, thanks for this link Mike! I never saw the published version of THE BLOCK, but I saw the original art which was displayed at the NY Comicon back, I guess, in '71. I believe at the time it was unpublished. A great, brilliant story by an artist who was in all respects at the very top of his game.