Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sandra Bell-Lundy Interviews Stephanie Piro

Sandra Bell Lundy interviews my friend, cartoonist Stephanie Piro for her ongoing Cartooning Women Conversations series of interviews.

"I could never draw at a drawing table, maybe because I'm short, but it's the whole freeing up of the way I draw. I can get right into the art when I'm working on my drawing board. My studio is an art cart overflowing with pens and ink and always a scissors and glue stick for a quick paste-up if I need it. I have to have natural light to work, and quiet. I sit on a futon surrounded by 3 huge windows, and it is ideal for working. I'm lucky to have a nice quiet house and the space I need whenever I want to work."

Above image by Stephanie Piro nicked from The Six Chix blog.

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Marek Bennett said...

Yay, Stephanie Piro! Yay natural light!