Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Interview with Brant Parker's Widow

In ‘Wizard of Id’ cartoonist’s wife makes Lynchburg home, Liz Barry, writing for the Lynchburg, VA News and Advance, interviews Mary Lou Parker, the widow of WIZARD OF ID cartoonist Brant Parker.

"The Parkers were married for 60 years. Mary Lou still remembers the night they met in vivid detail.

"It was the end of WWII, and Mary Lou, then 23, had just returned to her apartment in Burbank, Calif., after a cross-country train trip. Her friend begged her to go out to their favorite nightspot, The Rosemont Café. Mary Lou reluctantly agreed, and when she got there, spotted a mysterious man at the bar.

"'I liked the back of his head,' she says. 'He had a gorgeous camel hair coat.'"

Above photo of Brant Parker from the Johnny Hart Studios site, which has a good bio of the prolific cartoonist.

Big hat tip to Journalista! for the Mary Lou Parker interview link!

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