Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sergio Aragonés Exhibit Report

Chartles Donlan writing for the Santa Barbara Independent describes the current Ojai Valley Museum retrospective of Sergio Aragonés.

"To add to the MADcap fun of this show, alongside the traditional informational wall cards of an art exhibit, viewers get a number of drawings done right on the walls by Aragonés himself. These not-so-minor masterpieces of marginalia are just as irreverent as the ones that Aragonés has been publishing as his signature contribution to MAD for decades. To imagine the artist prowling around the installation of the show, pen in hand and ready to strike, is a fair symbol of the man’s approach to his art. For Aragonés, there always seems to be more fun to be had, more jokes to be made, and more drawing to do."
Mr. Donlen mentions the recent REUBENS JOURNAL cover ("the giant drawing of Hollywood that Aragonés produced for the trade magazine of cartoonists, the Reuben Journal"). Below is a small bit of detail from Mr. Aragonés' REUBENS JOURNAL cover, scanned in from my own copy. Please click to supersize and linger over, lovingly.

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