Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Harry Mace

I enjoyed seeing some of Harry Mace's cartoons at Ger Apeldoorn's Fabuleous Fifties blog.

Mace was a journeyman cartoonist; magazine cartoonist, syndicated cartoonist -- and a master of clean line 1950s style humor.


msherry said...

Thanks for remembering Harry Mace. Harry was a friend of my dad's. He drew a cartoon inspired by my dad, a trombone player. My son. also a trombone player, inherited the cartoon and treasures it as a tribute to the link between him and his grandfather. This is a testament to how you never know where the ripples will flow when you throw the stone into the water. Bless your memory, Harry Mace.

janet said...

Hello Mike-

I, too, thank you for remembering my father, Harry Mace, so kindly. I know he would certainly smile at being referred to as "a master of clean line 1950's style humor".

msherry, I thank you as well, for the blessing on my dad's memory. There aren't many who still remember him. He would be so very pleased to know his work is a generational bridge in your family.

I'm very curious to know your father's name and whether he played in the same Dixieland group that mine did. They lovingly called themselves The Upper Saugatuck Chowder and Chamber Music Society.