Thursday, August 27, 2009

Video of Videos Now in Paper Magazines

Last week, I talked about videos now being inserted into paper magazines. Now here's George Schweitzer, President of CBS TV's Marketing Group, with a video showing us the first ever VIP (video in print) ad. It will appear in Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV preview issue.

Hat tip to the person who Tweeted about this, whose name & Tweet are now unfindable to me.


Brian Fies said...

It's a brave new world, man. I can't believe that's remotely economical to produce but it's a neat gimmick. The interesting/scary thing is that you know they're just going to get better and better at it.

Mike Lynch said...

Sometimes I think that we're going to have those billboards and display ads like in MINORITY REPORT; the ones that shout at you. "Hey, MIKE LYNCH - You know you need these 'Depends'-brand undergarments! They're 10% off!"