Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Thank You Bunny Hoest and John Reiner

Above sketch of the back of the "Hoest Castle" by Juana Medina.

This is a public thank you to Bunny Hoest, for letting me stay in her home while teaching cartoon classes in Long Island. Bunny, and John Reiner, who you all know from THE LOCKHORNS newspaper cartoon panel and HOWARD HUGE in Parade Magazine, were wonderful hosts.

This was a busy week. I was traveling with all of my sketchbooks, ready to do work while away. I was very fortunate to have soon-to-be RISD graduate Juana Medina assist with the classes during the day. Juana, you are not only a great cartoonist, but a wonderful instructor as well!

Above: Bunny invited a few cartoonists over. From left: Juana Medina, Barbara and Mort Drucker, Bunny Hoest.

The first morning I woke up to find the below item in the local Newsday newspaper (no online version that I can find -- despite the house ad for at the bottom). This is "It Happened in Long Island," a continuing historical series of LI history-makers.

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